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The objective was to create a virtual examination hall where children across the world can test themselves and their test scores will be rated and analyzed on a global scale.

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Importance Of Aptitude Test

Online Aptitude test is one of the most important sections in all the Competitive exams, Entrance exams and Campus Interviews in order to grab Government jobs as well as IT Jobs.

Math’s Wizard

Improvement in mathematics and being a math’s genius is all a challenge. We have the best computer based assessment to assess the potential of the kids in mathematics

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Just imagine the fun of being at liberty to study the subject of your own choice at your preferred time. Just sit back and read the material of your choice.

Read and learn from at your ownconvenience.

It is accessible anywhere anytime. If bound by time constraint, then use offline eQuestions tool. Our resources can be used just when you need them.

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EDNOOK understand before you can trust it, EDNOOK has to prove its worth. Here does for you.


EDNOOK provides ananswer to the question in the guide so it can be as question bank even.

Knows the Artificial Reason and surprise yourself

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